Using the power of your voice to achieve peak performance.

AmaTone translates unique patterns in your voice to give you real-time information about your body and easy to follow recommendations to optimize your health.

How it works

Step 1
30 Second Voice Recording
Step 2
Comprehensive Voice Analysis
Step 3
Recommendations in Real-Time
Step 4
Implement for Peak Performance

What AmaTone affects

Digestion plays a key role in attaining peak performance and is essential for your general wellbeing. The Digestion Indicator will provide real-time insights to help you fuel your body and eliminate toxins.
Hydration is vital for healthy bodily functioning and necessary to achieve peak performance. The Hydration Indicator will provide real-time insights into your body’s current state of hydration.
Sleep is essential for optimal health and peak performance. The Sleep Indicator will provide real-time insights to help you optimize your quality of sleep.
Stress can wreak havoc on the body’s most critical systems and inhibit peak performance. The Stress Indicator will provide real-time insights to help you understand the key factors influencing your stress.
Energy is the foundation of peak performance. The Energy Indicator will provide real-time insights to help you increase and balance your energy throughout the day.

For you

Everyday people
Corporate wellness
Gym members
...and more
AmaTone is used daily by anyone who wants to become a healthier, more physically in-tune person. Knowledge is power. Awareness is power. Your voice is the key to understanding your body in real-time. We all have busy lives. With a simple 30 second voice recording, you now have the ability to transform your life.
AmaTone is engineered to unlock an athelete's full potential. You workout, train, practice, eat right, and consume supplements. Why? To optimize performance. AmaTone will identify any imbalances in real-time and provide unique recommendations to correct your imbalances.
AmaTone is the perfect tool to establish your corporate wellness program or dramatically improve the existing program. A healthy and productive employee is vital to an organization's success. A team comprised of energetic and lively employees is great for morale and productivity. AmaTone is a fantastic tool to give your organization a boost and edge it needs to outperform your competitors by optimizing performance.
AmaTone is designed to compliment your weekly gym workout program. Simply record your voice before each workout and follow your recommendations to perform at your full potential. Record your voice again after the workout to identify what you need to maximize your recovery,

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